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Why is ENERGY HEALTH TRAININGS™ essential for business health?

Employers and employees have two major needs from the healthcare system.
A.  Healthy people to work
B.  Lower total illness costs

The current healthcare system does not and will likely never meet these two needs.
Health plan cost control has little success on costs, productivity, health or absenteeism.”
                 The Business Value of Health, Integrated Benefits Institute 2006 survey of CFOs

Employers and employees must themselves meet these two needs.  How?

The Solution:  PRODUCE HEALTH!
Welcome to the next step beyond wellness, beyond prevention, beyond illness reduction!
We help you produce healthier people who can focus, communicate, innovate and perform their jobs better at lower costs.

THE REFRESH BUTTON™ supplies healthcare’s necessary complement
1.  Health innovation - effective skills - with potential to prevent 60% - 90% of all doctor visits
2.  Executive competency needed to transform physiology into financial savings with potential
     to cut absenteeism by 50% and reclaim half of lost time costs
3.  Proactive strategy for employers and employees to produce optimal health and top

See how it works:  THE REFRESH BUTTON pdf

THE REFRESH BUTTON™ Savings Potential:
       •  60% - 90% of all primary care doctor visits are stress-related
Harvard Business Review
       •  50% of absenteeism is stress-related
European Agency for Safety & Health – USA workers
       •  50% of increased healthcare cost expenditures are stress-related
Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

THE REFRESH BUTTON™ Benefits Potential
       •  Cut absenteeism in half
       •  Reclaim 50% of lost time costs
       •  Prevent 60% - 90% of all primary care doctor visits
       •  Increase productivity by 3 weeks per employee
       •  Make health a productivity driver
       •  Produce optimal health with top performance
       •  Translate physiology into financial savings
       •  Appreciate your people capital
       •  Eliminate stress damage

THE REFRESH BUTTON™ Energy Health Trainings
 1. TRUE CALM – for dynamic, focused, healthy calm all day
 2. GENIUS FOCUS – for solutions, innovation, teamwork & optimal mind health
 3. ENERGY HEALTH – for vibrant awareness & immune strength
THE REFRESH BUTTON™ Optimal Health Lunchtime Series
Ten lively & fun mini-trainings that produce health and appreciate your people
EXECUTIVE HEALTH SAVVY - How to Translate Physiology into Financial Savings
Apply the GENIUS FOCUS to create the solutions, proactive strategy and effective tools needed to cut costs plus produce healthier people who can work better.
THE REFRESH BUTTON™ - Training Resource for Key Individuals


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