Energy Health Trainings

Three skill sets of today's most important productivity & health tools that significantly lower lost work time costs and appreciate your people capital with lifelong skills to
       •  supply the vitally neaded proactive complement to health plan cost control efforts
       •  produce healthier people who can focus and produce better
       •  eliminate the single primary source of most lost work time costs, absenteeism,
           presenteeism and doctor visits Download pdf

Why do you need Energy Health Trainings?
"Health plan cost control has little success on costs, productivity, health or absenteeism." CFO survey, The Business Value of Health, 2006.

Energy Health Trainings appreciate your people capital with lifelong skills to
       •  better operate body, mind & personal energy
       •  eliminate not “manage” stress damage
       •  produce optimal health
       •  enjoy sustained top performance
       •  successfully navigate change

1. FOCUSED CALM Optimal Health State to Sustain Top Performance
Clear mind, sharp focus, calm emotions, relaxed body

Quickly de-stress and eliminate not “manage” stress damage by resetting four body systems to optimal healthy operation for top performance and maximum productivity all day - on and off the job for life. Download PDF

2. THRIVING SOLUTIONS – The Genius Focus to Improve Life
Mental patterns for innovation, teamwork, creativity and
optimal psychological health
Replace illness-producing mental patterns of stress and negativity with effective mental tools to streamline meetings, boost immune strength, communicate effectively and create a lifetime of solutions for challenges, problems and decisions – on and off the job for life. Download PDF

3. ENERGY HEALTH – Practical Wisdom Tools that Fuel Top Performance
Vitality plus enhanced awareness
Energy is life’s fuel.  Gain proven wisdom tools to generate greater life energy, increase your awareness, boost immune strength, prevent colds, improve joint function & enjoy energized wellbeing – on and off the job for life. Download PDF

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