Lunch N' Learn Series
A series of one hour Optimal Health mini-trainings for business, organizations, conferences and events. Each lecture provides a wealth of practical knowledge and a key lifelong skill people can immediately use to better operate their body, mind and personal energy - on and off the job for life. Download PDF

Energy Health Trainings
Three skill sets of today's most important productivity & health tools that significantly lower lost work time costs and appreciate your people capital with lifelong skills to
       •  supply the vitally neaded proactive complement to health plan cost control efforts
       •  produce healthier people who can focus and produce better
       •  eliminate the single primary source of most lost work time costs, absenteeism,
           presenteeism and doctor visits Download PDF

Private Trainings for Individuals
Private, confidential training tailors seasoned expertise to individuals and offers a wide range of uniquely effective skills and knowledge to you or key persons in your organization. Results are outstanding. Goals, especially the remedy of stress-related conditions, are often accomplished in 2 - 6 sessions. Download PDF

Burnout Prevention & Nourishment for Physicians, Nurses
& Health Professionals

Who takes care of the health providers? This training greatly increases the repertoire of personal skills healthcare professionals need to prevent job burnout from stress damage and from draining energy exchanges with patients. Medical and administrative staff will enjoy this clinically developed, science-based methodology which can help fulfill continuing education requirements. Download PDF

What People Say About Energy Health Trainings with Robert Simon Siegel

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