Private REFRESH BUTTON™ and Energy Health Trainings for Individuals
Timely access to the right resources can help you re-gain optimal health and sustain top performance during crises. These tools can prevent a lifetime of costly damage to health, job performance and relationships from daily challenges and stressful pressures.

Our confidential private trainings offer seasoned expertise that tailors a wide range of uniquely effective skills and knowledge to you or key persons in your organization. I also provide an artful interactive process that gets to the heart of the matter and helps you quickly gain the benefits of your body/mind wisdom. You eliminate stress damage - not merely “manage” stress. Results are outstanding. Goals are often accomplished in 2 – 6 sessions. Download PDF

       •  Enjoy dynamic, focused calm all day
       •  Dissolve symptoms of stress with lifelong skills not pills
       •  Produce optimal physical, emotional and mental health
       •  Learn how to recharge and enjoy greater life energy
       •  Prevent 60% - 90% of doctor visits and save money

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The Energy Health Public Seminars
Learn today's most valuable wellness tools - immediately useful, highly effective to:
•   correctly use "stress" as your personal guidance system to successfully navigate life - with healthy calm, genius and energy
•   prevent stress-induced illnesses from ever developing
•   easily dissolve insomnia, lower blood pressure, improve focus and produce enjoyable calm at will
•   stop stress damage so there’s no stress to "manage"
Here is a great description of this remarkable stress remedy with information to register for new workshops! You can also call to help schedule a training in your city.
Energy Health Public Seminars

Private Training Session Fees

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